Sandy Frazier, author of The Mystic Artist, released her second full-length album – Painting Music. Described as “ArtRock” – each song is a Pop Cantata, a kind of poem set to music, colourful stories, like individual paintings.

PAINTING MUSIC is the theme of my life’s work. I’ve written lots of songs about art and created lots of art about music.”

You can order CDs complete with original art, lyrics and full-color graphics HERE  … or you can download songs at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and

PREVIEW of Sandy’s new EP – FAUVE – IS HERE - Download on Amazon

“The brushstrokes of ‘Painting Music’… the feral wild beast, vivid in colour…”

Sandy’s latest singles:

In Transition_sm

Living in the Afterlife

Steel in My Soul

Making Fun of Pain

Sandy’s Viral Single: “Making Fun of Pain”

Abstract Series

Some of Sandy Frazier’s new abstract painting series… Go HERE for more.

Sandy’s new series of paintings: Fluorescent Fauves… coming soon!



The Awakening

The Blue Butterfly

Watch ‘The Blue Butterfly’ Video Dedicated to Henri Matisse

The Blizzard

Watch “The Blizzard” video featuring Sandy’s original snow & ice photography

Baptized Again

“Baptized Again” - Go Here to read the lyrics and listen

A Very Private Person

A Very Private Person” - Featuring James Hirsen on Harmonica

Watch ‘A Very Private Person’ Video

“A Very Private Person” was first runner-up in the “Song of the Year” contest